our beliefs

We affirm with many other Christians:

-that God is revealed to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

-that Jesus Christ is Lord of all and came among us; 

          teaching by word and example, 

          demonstrating the love and power of God for humanity,

          ultimately giving his life for our salvation

- that Jesus Christ truly rose from the dead

          and is present with us today by the Holy Spirit

- that Scripture is trustworthy and authoritative in all matters of faith and life

We also affirm the special emphases of the Reformed tradition:

- that we are chosen and called by God

          for service in this world as well as salvation

- that God gathers together a covenant community called the Church

          to be an instrument of his saving purpose

- that we are called to a faithful stewardship of all of life

- that everything that is good comes from God

Would you like to read and know more? 

            Check out our core beliefs: eco_essential-tenets.pdf

           Check out our form of government: eco_polity.pdf