Jesus said, "I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." (John 10:10 NRSV)

Do you want to live life abundantly?  Do you want to grow in faith and flourish?

We believe we do that best by submitting to the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit who calls us to a closer walk with Christ in community.  The more we know God, the more we know about ourselves.  

The more we know about ourselves, the less we have to push and pull others around, 

the less we have to defend our egos or turf, 

and the less we feel the need to complain or gossip or slander.

Sometimes we think we are growing if we're busy for God.

God desires and has designed us to have a healthy rhythm of rest, prayer, and action.

And ultimately, God is more concerned with who we are than what we do.

We live lives of integrity when what we do flows out of who we are as children of God and ministers of Christ.

So, how do you want to grow as a person in your life as it is now?

Do you want to grow in prayer and deepen your relationship with Christ? 

Do you know your calling as a unique child of God? 

Do you want your character to reflect and be powered by Christ's?

Are you aware of your competencies and living them out in ministry? 

Do want to live abundantly as a covenant partner in ministry with your fellow brothers and sisters?

Meet with a pastor for prayer and direction if you are stuck or if you want to grow in faith.

Take a look at a wonderful resource below if you want to take steps toward that end.


Do you want to grow in one of the areas mentioned above?

We call those areas the 5 C's

Our desire is that every member of our church will flourish in their faith.

Our desire is that strangers will become friends, that friends will become disciples, and that disciples will live into their calling as leaders and ministers of Christ.

In other words, we know that leaders are not found; they're made and mentored.

We're here to help.  Contact Pastor Israel if you're interested in growing in faith with a Discipleship Design of your own making.

Here is more info about a DISCIPLESHIP DESIGN with some examples.