WAYS to give



Thank you for your support of Christ's work through OPC.

We believe giving is an important act of worship and discipleship.

For more about giving, read the section below.

Want to mail in your donation?


PO BOX 2178


Want to TEXT-to-GIVE?

Text your desired amount to 805-324-6617

Simply enter a dollar amount (for example, $100) to the number above

and the system will walk you through the process.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 805-937-4974.

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Why do we give?

Jesus tells us that we should "store up our treasures in heaven."  How do we do that?   We invest our time and energy in things that have eternal significance so that they will  'bear fruit."  We believe that every resource we have, like money or talents or skills, is a gift from God. God desires that we use all that he has given us to enjoy our lives in him and further his work in our everyday world.  OPC is a growing church that believes that God will provide for every need. Our prayer is that you will trust God to use the gifts He has given you to spread the life changing message of Christ with people everywhere.

Thank you for choosing to give! We're truly grateful for what God will do through you and many others who faithfully pledge and give. Your prayerful decision to give generously is an act of worship and demonstrates your trust in God.


No matter our current condition, God has given each of us timetalents, and treasure

At OPC, we believe that everyone is called to participate with God in what God is doing. 

We encourage you to find ways to invest of your time, talents, and treasure into God's Kingdom

 – and our prayer is that Orcutt Presbyterian Church will be the family where you can do this.

Give Time & Talent

Time and talent are gifts from God. Invest them in His Church and for His Kingdom

by serving in his name here at Orcutt Pres and by serving with one of our Mission Partners.

For opportunities and information, visit the Serve in His name page of our website.

Give Treasure

Mailing a personal check or dropping money in an offering plate in our weekly gatherings are customary ways of financially supporting Christ's work through Orcutt Pres. For those who prefer or find it more convenient, OPC also accepts financial donations online and via text message. 

Details and instructions are available above.